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WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that creates, modifies and updates content in a customized way. It is free/premium online software for creating attractive websites, blogs, & apps.

WordPress is a surprisingly easy-to-use and easy-to-manage platform that helps create websites tailored to fit any needs. With its broad theme and plug-in directory, WordPress can be used to create various types of websites from static, dynamic, responsive to e-commerce. It is also ideal for developing a network of sites connected individually with easy administration.

Why WordPress gained popularity?
  • Easy-to-Manage website without any technical help
  • SEO-Friendly technology to generate website traffic
  • Best for SMEs and provide ROI within a few days
  • Multiple language-integration using inbuilt tools
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wordPress website development company

Get Everything at WordPress

Attractive Themes

Get access to over one billion themes available on the store right after WordPress installation. It combines the vision of creativity and uniqueness with a strong architecture. Whether you are a business entity or an event planner, WordPress theme directory has everything for you.

Customize WordPress

Get your website designed the way you want or add CSS files, plug-in or JavaScript to encounter something NEW. Millions of third-party themes and plug-ins make WordPress a known platform for great use. Install WordPress to get in touch with amazing visuals.

Responsive Guaranteed

ADDLEAD ensures website view changes in accordance with the dimension of the screen or browser. The core of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the responsiveness of a website and needs to be chosen acknowledging customers’ requirements.

Migrate Data

Migrate to dynamic WordPress website or switch back to static - everything is possible here! It adjusts most parts for enterprise migration and aims to perceive the complexity out of data analysis and transfer. WordPress helps to focus development on things that matter.

WordPress Security

Heighten security of the WordPress site or get back your hacked website from the one-stop admin panel. WordPress stores tons of functionality and strength by its themes and plug-ins that bypass the common security issues, future hacking techniques, increases the data security.

Additional Functioning

Install or Browse to over one million plug-ins available on the store right after the installation of WordPress. Change the security, layout, interface by just uploading the same format files to the database. Install third-party plug-in and templates on the WordPress panel with ease.

wordPress theme development

Building Powerful - User-friendly - Customized Websites

Delivering the Best

One of the exceptional things about having a WordPress website is the easy maintenance and page updating at any time. ADDLEAD uses an integrated strategy to web design that has a compact code, well-planned design, and user experience that match the business goals and audience. WordPress is remarkably user-friendly and incredibly easy to learn having top security and backup solutions.

Enhancing Compatibility

Over 30% of website development is on WordPress! Website viewing is not just on computers but also on other devices. ADDLEAD develops websites that work on a wide variety of devices including mobiles and tablets, integrating W3C code standards on the WordPress Platform that result in website's better view plus faster loading time and greater accessibility.

Intensify & Optimize

We deliver user-beneficial, clean coding. This is one of the important features of an ADDLEAD developed WordPress website. Every single element of a website will be carefully shaped and installed to provide maximum ease of maintenance. All our Projects are custom-coded, delivering remarkably easy to maintain and ultra-scalable features for any future requirements and plans. We use customized themes and plug-ins.

Attractive Websites

ADDLEAD builds beautiful websites and everything we do is about serving our clients to accomplish their goals. Specialists in WordPress and Javascript web development; we have the resources and knowledge for the most demanding web development projects and implement them to achieve business objectives. ADDLEAD has an in-house web development team - builds excellent websites and delivered with precision.

Build Websites and Drive sales with innovative ideas

Why Choose ADDLEAD WordPress Services


ADDLEAD designs and explores advanced websites, and tools such as plug-in, themes, and JavaScript. We offer a document that helps clients to learn, manage, and customize WordPress online. AddLead is delivering unique, fresh and impressive websites since inception with customized designing and development.


WordPress development is a result of our profound insight to greet shifting trends in a quick moving and assured manner. Our WordPress developers not only look into integrating a set of smooth and revealing visual decorations and details rather changing business prospect for growth and advancement.


ADDLEAD creates a way between reality and go-for-broke intent while setting you at the peak of the game. ADDLEAD assures solution for every type of business. Our digital marketing experts ensure high rankings and visibility on the search engines ensuring growth and development with increased revenues.