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Political E-Campaign is a coordinated effort, exercised over web, presenting updates, future-development plans, voting-process and more for a specific group. During elections - Electoral E-Campaigns assist people to stay updated with political standing candidates, proposed developments, and more. Recent years has given Social Media the power to engage political platforms with its huge user-base, attracting focus on general elections and candidate-promotions at state or head of government levels.

"Establish online presence and rule the elections with political e-campaigns"


ADDLEAD strives To Create An Integral Strategy For Engaging Politicians With Public

In today’s world, people spend most of the time over the web through mobile phone, tablet, IPad, or Desktop. ADDLEAD takes the benefit of the digital revolution and helps consumers get their entire world on their fingertips - news, sports, real-time happenings, political updates and more with just a few swipes. Thus, making an impact with our e-campaigns - considering digital demands to implement new strategies and features to keep the public politically updated to make important decisions. Yes, it is about E-Campaigning - the most ‘powerful & economical’ campaigning service.

SOCIAL MEDIA In The Recent Years Has Shown A Quick Growth To Its User-Count With
  • Facebook serving more than 1.5 billion active users
  • Twitter serves 300 million active users
  • Google Plus's user base has reached to 400 million
  • Instagram with minimum 200 million users
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Internet is a Next-World thing Gaining Trust in the Digital World

The Internet has revolutionized the world with quickly information transformation. The first mass communication medium was Radio, still used widely, took approximately 30+ years to reach 50 million regular listeners. However, TV took 10+ years to gain the same importance. Nevertheless, Social Media created a milestone with perfect features available at different platforms assisting people to share, like, comment and rate products. ADDLEAD expertise’s in creating effective Social Media campaigns professionally for Political E-Campaigning.

How E-Campaigning connected with Social Media?

  • The youth and middle-aged people are keen to use Social Media on a regular basis, creating prospects for social media e-campaigning in the field of politics, empowering users with updates.
  • The change in the trend of politics has enhanced the political parties, and politicians services and promises with regular customer interaction.
  • Half the world is active on social media 24/7, reading regular news updates, or checking out the latest developments for knowledge and information.
  • Social Media users are a potential vote-bank, if convinced in a strategic way making it better for political parties to gain power.
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ADDLEAD - Strategy, Impact, & Result 
Helping the World to Stop being Indifferent

Many political campaigns are active on Social Media, giving clarifications to the past issues or future development assurance to voters. Search Engine(s) highlight the trending name in its search-suggestion area that grants searchers to know more about politicians and campaigning; they obviously click on the names due to its winning presence there. These all possible by just One-Plan and that's 'Political E-Campaigning'.

Website Development
Social Media Process Flow
  • Facebook Posts, Link Sharing, and GIF Images with trending #hash tags
  • Micro Descriptions, Video-Links, New Hash Tag Creation and More on Twitter
  • Blog Writing in different languages
  • Rally, Graphical Videos upload on YouTube
  • Whatsapp Group Message Sending including Graphical Images, GIFs and more
  • Update Video-Image Status, GIF images and More on Instagram
Content Posting Timing, based on the time spent by users on different social media platforms:
  • Facebook - 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Twitter - 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Google+ -9:00 to 11:00 AM
  • Pinterest - 1:00 to 4:00 PM
  • WhatsApp - 6 AM to 10 AM & 6 PM to 12 AM
  • Instagram -7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Focus required Perspectives based on audience-base:
  • Use of Images
  • Real-Member Grouping
  • Name Consistency
  • ORM
  • Integrated Technology
  • Point-to-Point Content
  • Posts Scheduling on Social Media

How can we help?

We offer each E-campaign and its candidate, a different work style to high-spot in an attempt of elevating the overall personality.


Website & Blog


Social Media Profiles


to E-Mails


Data Collection

There Is A Solution for All Political Campaigns 
We Trigger ALL & Post in one-shot

Website has many functions to use for various fashions, service-updates and more to update a large-audience-base

Blog-There are over 200 million public blog-sites in existence.

Facebook-Accessed on Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Tablets and Smartphone’s over the Internet

Twitter-A micro-blogging site that gives updates, as captions with trending hash tags! Follow or be followed!

Digital media - Uploading photos, videos, & more copyright products over the web

ORM- The strategy to watch and manage the status of a person over the Internet

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