Hospitality website design

Digital Solutions For Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is an ever-evolving industry with new concepts and technological advancements to support hospitality needs. ADDLEAD revolutionizes the concept of hospitality by integrating the latest technology frameworks and creative designs to boost the growth and revenue of the hospitality sector. At ADDLEAD, the hospitality experts innovate and strategize the most effective budget friendly paths to meet the demands of Hotels, Guests-houses, Boutiques, Booking agencies and more as per the demand and requirement. As with other industries, hotel bookings hold a crucial aspect through online reservations – personal websites or online travel agents, making an impact on the internet accounts for the perfect visibility.

Our Technological Hospitality Solutions

We understand the multitude requirements of hospitality service providers, where a great impression and outstanding picture gallery attracts customers to book rooms online without prior visit. Furthermore, in this competitive world every hospitality provider needs to have high search results and visibility on the search engine. ADDLEAD ensures taking care of your website development, considering the latest marketing tools and focusing on increased search engine ranking with its specialized SEO and digital marketing solutions.

  • Guest-Houses, Hotels, Boutiques: Designing websites and mobile applications for Guest-houses, hotels and boutiques, we assist easier room booking services.
  • Travel & Tour Operators: Create your own online hotel-booking website and attract huge traffic, allowing customers to browse through various hotels to choose their favorite.
  • Restaurants: Get access to the world of cuisine with specific website and mobile apps developed to increase the potential of restaurants menu and delivery system.
  • Bloggers and Critics: Get your writing skills noticed, attract ad monetization on blogs and critic reviews with new websites and mobility solutions.
  • Resorts: Give your resort a new makeover and grab the attention of customers with a perfect online portfolio and booking services.
  • Travel Booking Portals: Booking travels at the destination is outdated, enter the business of online travel booking, and give rise to huge revenue generation.

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Hospitality website design

Technology Designed To Meet Your Needs

Hospitality website design

ADDLEAD works with hotels, understands their trends, creates new strategies, identifies opportunities, integrate technologies, design stunning masterpieces – optimizes your online presence and rankings to generate high revenue, brand awareness and increased profits. Very customer expects superior comfort and guest experience, and amazing hospitality creates chances of the “word-of-mouth” promotion. We act as your business analysts, creating outstanding websites, mobile applications, user interface, customer interaction, hotel showcase minting new revenue streams and enhanced operational efficiency on the web as your technology partner.

Salient Hospitality Technology Development Features at ADDLEAD:
  • Mobile Responsive: ADDLEAD creates mobile responsive templates to ensure proper web views depending on the operating device.
  • Creative Designs: Beautiful templates and stunning web and mobile app designing creates an amazing experience.
  • Online Reservations Confirmation: ADDLEAD provides features for email and SMS confirmations for online bookings made on portals.
  • Unlimited Web Pages: ADDLEAD packages range from two pages to unlimited pages websites depending upon client requirements.
  • Online Hotel Bookings: The ADDLEAD's online websites also have booking features, which can be enabled on the portal if required.
  • Analytics: The web and mobile applications developed at ADDLEAD has integrated Google analytics for tracking traffic.
  • SMS Alerts: ADDLEAD has added features for integrating with the applications for SMS notifications.
  • Multi-Lingual Compatibility: Irrespective of the country you’re located in, attract customers around the world with the multi-lingual abilities at ADDLEAD.
  • Maps Integration: Get your location search enabled on your website for easy navigation by Google maps integration.
  • Marketing Strategies: The SEO and social media marketing strategies customization is as per your requirements for growth and revenue generation.
  • User Friendly Framework: Give your customers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and shopping.
  • Picture and Video Gallery: Add a picture or video gallery and update it for client trust and knowledge of your work.
  • Inventory Management: Manage your product stock easily through the ADDLEAD inventory management features.
  • Guest Safety: ADDLEAD products are secured with high-end features, keep your guest information safe, and secure.
  • Loyalty Memberships: ADDLEAD has add-on features of adding loyalty memberships for proper data management and providing loyalty benefits to customers.

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ADDLEAD has designed a unique combination of services and solutions based on the core technology pillars of cloud and social computing with mobile solutions and analytics for Hospitality brands.

Why Choose Us?

ADDLEAD offers customized solutions to deliver products with utmost brevity.

Digital Consulting

ADDLEAD applies business processes and experiences to create unique and creative approaches to help re-imagine the digital transformation journey with our SEO analytics and social media marketing.

Mobility Services

Integrated horizontal capabilities rule our mobile application systems allowing us to offer a complete suite of application oriented services to clients in the IOS and Android domains respectively.

Research Development

ADDLEAD is world’s fastest growing Digital marketing and Technology service provider. We do not just develop things; we research every domain before developing web or mobile application and create a blueprint.