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Android is an operating system for Smart Phones. The future is bright with Smart Phones as its demand is increasing faster compared to general computer applications and there are about one-million android users registering on the play store every day. Android is huge providing established and future businesses to get maximum customers. Now, people can create almost anything with Android—including tablets, watches, TVs, and more!

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ANDROID - Building Great Apps

Android is easier than other Mobile Operating Systems and more mature in technology world. With the latest update, the Interface of Android has become much thinner and able to handle even heavier apps having many pages. It means that a lightly designed App can easily flow on all devices creating maximum chances to stand-up in the rivalry world.

Moving on to the Store - a place, where millions of Apps are available to enjoy – here a user can publish and distribute an application directly to others. It allows users to discover what features an App holds. The Play Store provides an easier search facility, making users find everything in just one tap.

Why Choose ADDLEAD for Mobile App Development?
  • Research and Analyze the Essentials before finalizing
  • Develop a roadmap to understand the whole project
  • Begin the Design & Development of the Project
  • Optimize the behavior of App with latest interface
  • Test the App thoroughly at each stage
  • Pilot testing the App after completion
  • Multiple Functionalities to propel your business
  • Upload the App on Play Store to attract attention
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Android Design

ADDLEAD is highly committed to designing user-interfaces that are winning, intuitive and captivating across various platforms. By using creative design models and modern interaction methods, our team can help businesses gain attention and stand out in the market.

Android Responsiveness

Android OS uses fragmentation for viewing various websites & apps. It usually comprises with screen resolutions, processor's power and OS version. ADDLEAD's team performs accurate and careful testing for all screens.

Android Expertise

With over ten years of expertise in product development and in-depth understanding of the Android Development frameworks and HAL on various hardware platforms, ADDLEAD offers a range of Android Development Services for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Android Developers

ADDLEAD has worked on various Android versions from Nougat to Marshmallow to earlier versions like Cupcake, Donut, and Éclair. Our Android Development Services team has extensive knowledge on Linux Kernel, Android Runtime, Android SDK and more to avoid pitfalls.

Android App Promoters

Our team consists of experienced Digital Marketing Strategists who are committed to promoting an app that will get the maximum engagement. They deal with retaining app users and keep them engaged once the app launches.

Android R&D Team

ADDLEAD expends a vast amount of time and resources doing research and development on the Android platform. Now, our team has indepth knowledge, resources, white papers and case studies to carry out any bug residing on the App.

Android Development Service

ADDLEAD - developing high-performance and scalable mobile applications

Leading in the Enterprise Market

For SME level application one usually requires a project manager, technical planner, programmer, graphic designer, QA and tester. These 6 key skills together can help to develop a functional Mobile app that holds greater performance, scalability and security. ADDLEAD has a skilled team that is well-versed with the latest advancements to fill-in these spaces.

Real-Practice Methods

At ADDLEAD, we have a dedicated team, each expert in the individual area. Our development process starts with a technical analysis using project's blueprint and provides solutions in the application space to keep business ahead of the competition. ADDLEAD has been on the top of Android app development since the very beginning and prolonged to support many clients with their app problems using real practice methodologies.

Popular Across the Globe

Android Smartphones are leading the market worldwide. With over One-billion users & One-Million activations each day, the Android OS is getting familiar for Smartphone users in the market making the use of smart phones and mobile apps, growing at a faster rate. With a comprehensive understanding of Android platform conventions, ADDLEAD’s goal is to build every app with an easy-to-use feature and innovative for Smart Phones from every edge.


In order to build a fast and interactive game application, Android is the best platform and we have attained a renowned name in the same domain to create less memory consuming and high performance game app.

Why Choose Us?

ADDLEAD offers customized solutions to deliver products with utmost brevity.

ADDLEAD - Modern. Professional. Advanced.

ADDLEAD offers ultimate options for businesses that include e-commerce, education, healthcare, and travel agencies etc. With experienced Java developers, we create fully-fledged Android applications, at comparable speeds, that are coherent on all devices such as utility apps, enterprise apps, game apps, and food ordering apps.

UX Design

ADDLEAD scans the user-viewpoints and connects them with the software. This means an end user will experience the most advanced UX that is precise to the OS and Mobile device. Our UX Architects detect and finalize the matrix of features including functional and significant requirements for better online interaction covering end-to-end visual style guide to deliver the best UX ever.

ADDLEAD’s APP Solutions

ADDLEAD helps in developing the most customizable, innovative, and detailed Mobile Application including support and monitoring for software, DBMS, debuggers, and libraries. We use external technologies like Perl, Swift, Python, C, C++, 2- and 3-Dimensional Graphical API to create the most productive applications for a result-oriented solution at market-competitive prices.